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Camcloud's latest innovations in bringing Cloud AI to the video surveillance marketplace has been recently profiled in IT World Canada. Today, Camcloud is offering a world-class AI solution that will detect and respond appropriately when people, vehicles, animals, and hundreds of other types of object are detected in...

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August 15th @ 2:00 EST with Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA) Multi-location restaurants are rapidly moving surveillance to the cloud to enable remote access, support greater scale, and improve usability of video surveillance systems. In this joint webinar with RLPSA, we’ll demonstrate how to...

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Is Crime Prevention the future of surveillance? Police technology experts state that surveillance and data collection will be an integral part in crime prevention. “This is the future of policing,” says Christopher Schneider, an associate professor of sociology at Brandon University in Manitoba. Moving forward, police authority will use...

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