Tips for Protecting Your Home Automation System from Hackers

With the help of a home automation system, you can access, monitor, and change the settings of your home devices only with the help of a mobile app or a web portal. You can control different systems in your house like heating and cooling systems, security cameras, door locks, alarm systems and lighting only with the help of this automation system. However, it also makes it easier for hackers to access all your information and devices unless you are taking strict security measures.

Here is a list of tips on how you can protect your home automation system from getting hacked

  1. Securing Your Home Network

The first and foremost thing in securing your home automation system is the security of your home network. You can protect your home network by three simple things – strong firewall, strong passwords, and secure router.

There are firewalls that restrict access to unrecognized devices, and by using these firewalls – which use a rule as to limit MAC addresses – you can know which new devices are requesting permission and consequently it’s up to you to allow or deny permission.

Securing your Wi-Fi is another important thing because unsecured Wi-Fi devices are very easy to access. By having access to your Wi-Fi, hackers can have access to security cameras and baby monitors in your house.  You can use WPA2 (Wi-Fi protected Access 2) for best security protocols and encryption.

Router security is also considered important because it secures your Wi-Fi as well as your automation system. It is a common mistake that people keep on using the default password. It is better to change your password right away once you get the connection and make sure your password contains letters and other symbols which will make it much stronger.

  1. Creating Strong Password

The word ‘password’ clearly indicates the abstract notions of security and protection. If you make your password very strong – a collection of numbers, digits, and symbols – you will be able to develop strict security measures.  You can also find many online password generating tools which will test the strength of your password once you enter it to that tool.

You should neither use those passwords which are so obvious to guess – like 12345 – nor those which involve some factual data about you – like your name, your birthdate, or any other personal information. It is also a good idea that you keep on changing your passwords once in a while and never use the same password for your home network and automation devices.

  1. Safeguard Your Mobile Devices and Mobile Apps

Always make sure that your mobile is password protected especially if you are using it as a remote control for your home automation system. If you want to use a specific remote for home automation, you can get it on Groupon, where you can also explore many discounted products. Use a password that is strong. You should always make sure the physical presence of your cell phone with you. You also need to keep your mobile apps up to date because there are many apps that use security patches.

  1. Monitoring Your IP Camera Logs

It is the most effective way to ensure that nobody is trying to get access to your security cameras. IP cameras give you access to viewable logs which shows whether somebody has accessed your camera. You can review the entire log history this way and can easily point out the culprit IP.

  1. Keep Your Device Firmware Updated

If you are using any Firmware on your device, then make sure it is updated to the latest version. Different manufacturers of such firmware software give easy access to the updates.

  1. Never Use Public Wi-Fi to Monitor Your Home Automation System

As security is the first priority, therefore, you should never use public Wi-Fi for your home automation system because these aren’t secure. When you are on public Wi-Fi, avoid checking your home automation system because hackers can get access easily to your home automation system this way. Before logging into your automation system, always make sure that you are on a secure network or mobile data connection.

By following all these steps, you will be able to secure your home automation system. By this, you will ensure maximum security for your house as well as peace of mind.

Kyle Ward
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