Author: Brendan Harrison

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Camcloud has introduced a brand new recording Schedule feature. This new feature provides complete flexibility over when cloud recordings are enabled for your cameras. Ability to create up to 10 individual schedules, each with 10 entries. Schedules can be applied to a single camera or multiple cameras. Supports all camera types. Now each...

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Yes I know, this discussion has been done to death. I not here to do some iPhone bashing (although I must admit that I may indulge from time to time). I actually do love the iPhone and everything it has to offer. However for me,...

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Today we're introducing all-new pre-pay options that allow our customers to save money on their Camcloud subscriptions. Here are the details. 12 Month plan allows customers to save 25% on their subscription. This is an annual plan, so next year's renewal will be for another 12...

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