New Release Round-up

We’ve been busy this summer with a series of important software updates that many of our Reseller partners have been asking for. This post is a round-up of What’s New with a preview of some other capabilities Coming Soon.

1. Reseller Admin can now Reset User Passwords

Many resellers like to manage their customer’s accounts, from account creation to camera setup, organization of camera groups and assigning user permissions. We’ve now added a new management feature that allows Reseller Admins to reset the password for their customer’s users rather than the user having to recover it themselves. In your customer’s Manage Users list, there’s a new button that will send a password recovery email to the user.

2. Remote Camera Reboot

In addition to user management, Resellers are on the front-line to manage their customer’s cameras, get them setup and configured, and support them going forward. In addition to existing great features that allow remote management of cameras — Resync, Test Connection and others — we’ve added a Reboot button for supported Premium cameras. This will only work with cameras that have a network connection, but is super-helpful if you need to reboot your customer’s cameras for stability and troubleshooting.


3. Edge Analytics for Hanwha Techwin Rollout

We’ve completed our release of Edge Analytics support for Hanwha Techwin cameras. You can read our more detailed Support Article on this topic which explains how to setup this feature with Camcloud, plus here’s our highlight video below.

To recap, this capability allows you to augment the available event detection supported by Camcloud beyond just standard Motion Detection + Motion Detection Areas, to include: IVA (Intrusion, Enter, Exit, Appear/Disappear, Loitering), Tampering, Defocus, Fog, Face, Audio, and Sound (Scream, Gunshot, Explosion, Glass Break). All these analytics can be configured right from the cloud and you will receive alerts when any of these events are triggered.

Edge Analytics with Camcloud

Example of new Analytic Alert


Edge Analytics with Camcloud

Analytic Configuration Options on Mobile

Finally, Hanwha Techwin has published a great PowerPoint that summarizes their Analytics, along with recommended usage. You can download it here.  We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with these capabilities and optimal configuration so they work well for you and your customers.

4. Coming Soon…. 

We aren’t done yet! Many resellers have been asking for 1080p support for their Continuous Recording cameras, and we are working hard on that feature which will be bundled with an all new “Advanced Video Settings” capability.  More news on that shortly!

Any questions on these new capabilities? Contact your Account Manager or email




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