Quick Tip – Optimize Motion Events and Alerts with Cloud AI

Camcloud recently announced a major enhancement to its Cloud Video Surveillance Platform with the launch of Cloud AI. The response has been fantastic from our customers and partners!

One of the questions that’s come-up is how does Cloud AI make it easier to optimize Events and Notifications generated by the platform? The answer is that Cloud AI includes all-new filtering so that you can eliminate noisy Events from your camera’s motion detection and rely on fine grain filtering based on Cloud AI’s event detection. Here’s how.

(1) Filter your Timeline on both Web and Mobile.

When you open your Timeline you now have the option to only see Events generated by Cloud AI instead of all the motion events generated by your camera. Cloud AI interprets all the noisy camera motion events and classifies them with intelligent labels. No more noisy alerts from wind or light changes! Turn OFF your Motion Events (camera) and ON the Cloud AI events you want to see. 

(2) Configure Notifications for Each Camera

Many customers have cameras pointed at important locations and would like Event Notifications but don’t need to be alerted on every little motion. Now you can configure the camera to only alert you when, for example, a vehicle is in the scene. Great for gate cameras or other important entrance/exits locations!


Cloud AI will greatly improve the quality of Notifications you get from your cameras and make reviewing saved Event data more efficient and convenient. Read the full Cloud AI KB Article for all the details and if you are a VIP Reseller and interested in a FREE Cloud AI trial for your customers contact sales@camcloud.com for more info!

Brendan Harrison
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