Cloud Video Surveillance: A Safeguard for Marriott property, Staff and Guests

Andy Briggs is a successful Managing Partner and Franchisee of five Marriott hotel properties. When Mr. Briggs needed to enhance hotel security to ensure a secure environment for guests and staff, he turned to a trusted Camcloud dealer to set up a high quality and cost-effective cloud video surveillance solution.

Previously, the business had been using a local DVR solution, which did not provide multi-site remote access for property monitoring, nor could they access stored footage in the cloud. With the former solution, in the case of onsite hardware failure, they would be left without any video recordings.

After appraising the needs of Marriott management and the physical properties of the hotels, a combination of Hanwha (Samsung) cameras were chosen, and integrated with Camcloud’s video surveillance solution, employing cutting edge IP cameras from Hanwha and Camcloud’s innovative cloud video management solution. Keeping a watchful eye over all of the hotel entrances and lobbies, the cameras were installed to deliver crystal clear pictures and always-on, reliable monitoring of all activity. The client has 32 Hanwha (Samsung)  cameras online and is leveraging a multi-site login and cloud video storage.

The safety of guests and staff is always on the top of the list of our priorities and so we are constantly reviewing the effectiveness of the video surveillance systems in operation at each of our hotels,” said Andy Briggs, Managing Partner, Marriott Franchisee/Owner. “Camcloud’s cloud video recording technologies, combined with the latest Hanwha cameras, provides us with peace of mind and confidence, knowing that our guests and properties are in good hands.

One of Camcloud’s key features is role access and multiple site layouts. In the case of a multi-site business with many managers, this feature enables the user to assign specific cameras to specific managers,” said Andre Fontana, VP Sales, Camcloud. “Camcloud’s cloud video solution enables Andy to assign a general manager at each property to view the cameras for their property–while still allowing Andy to see all cameras at all the locations.

With the system fully integrated, Mr. Briggs is very happy with quality and performance of the cameras and the role that Camcloud’s video surveillance system has played with effectively protecting the sites and helping to keep the staff, its guests and their property safe.

Here are the details of this project:

Number of locations:   7
Type of cameras:   IP Cameras
Number of cameras:   32
Camera manufacturer:   Hanwha (Samsung) Techwin
Integration uses:   Plug & Play/No Onsite Hardware
Brendan Harrison
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