Top 3 Reasons Managed Service Providers (MSP) should Offer Cloud Video Surveillance

What is Cloud Video Surveillance?

First, let’s quickly define “Cloud Video Surveillance”. We have a more in-depth blog post that explains cloud video surveillance but the main thing you need to understand is that it is a relatively “new kid on the block” in the security industry vs. traditional on-premise systems. It’s also experiencing rapid growth in the market and is therefore a trend all MSPs should watch. In a nutshell, the main value is it replaces on-premise video surveillance systems (e.g. network video recorders or NVR) and provides a cloud-based solution to store all your media, manage your cameras and access your system from anywhere. Much like the modernization of network management, VoIP and other business critical systems, video surveillance infrastructure is also now moving to the cloud. 

So let’s quickly recap the Top 3 reasons MSPs should be thinking about adding Cloud Video Surveillance to its portfolio.


Reason #1: Video Surveillance Becoming Part of IT

Security systems have often been the domain of subject matter experts, and for large deployments in mission critical environments, for example transportation hubs, high security installations, power generating stations. That will likely continue to be the case. But what about video surveillance at a chain of quick-service restaurants or convenience stores? These businesses have different needs that can be handled by their preferred MSP / IT services partner. Let’s face it, you are already setting-up IT systems to handle their voice communications (VoIP), financial or Point-of-Sales systems, and network infrastructure, so why not video surveillance? As video surveillance moves out of the domain of “security experts only” the smart MSPs will be ahead of this trend and adding this solution to their portfolio. 


Reason #2: Bandwidth Management & Security

So you’ve gone ahead and installed a first-class network system with best in-class security, carefully vetted network devices, and well thought-out network management…  then your customer installs a bunch of 4K cameras and video surveillance appliances, and all of a sudden your careful network deployment needs to be re-configured! Sound familiar? The reality is that IP cameras are becoming ubiquitous so best to get ahead of the curve and help your customers deploy them with all the required network setup, bandwidth allocation and management, and of course security. Oh, and about vetting devices that get installed on your network, recent high-profile security incidents show that this is an important consideration. 


Reason #3: Recurring Revenue

MSPs need no education on the importance of this concept. What’s new is that traditional video surveillance solutions (on-premise) have not always been the type of solution where MSPs can earn recurring revenue. All that has changed with Cloud Video Surveillance. Now, when you install IP cameras you can offer your customers a cloud-based services plan that you can earn each and every month. Sounds good right? If so, you can learn more about the partner programs offered by Camcloud. 

So there it is… your Top 3 Reasons for MSPs to take a look at Cloud Video Surveillance!

Want to learn more? Check out our upcoming partner webinars and contact Camcloud for more information.

Brendan Harrison
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