Major All-New Feature Release – Introducing the Event Explorer

We’ve been very busy at work introducing a brand new way to view events. Available immediately for all customers is the brand new Event Explorer. The Event Explorer is a companion feature to our ever-popular Multi-view Timeline, now customers will have access to multiple methods to interact with their Event and Video data stored securely in the cloud.  Read more below and watch our quick demo. 

The purpose of the Event Explorer is to help you visualize any type of event from your cameras, providing customers with an efficient experience for event search, discovery and export. The Multi-view Timeline is designed for viewing multiple cameras at once, either the live video or stored media. 

Here are the Top 3 Event Explorer use cases with think you’ll appreciate.:

  1. Blazing Fast Video Review. If you’re tasked with identifying any particular incident such as a theft or other malicious activity then the Event Explorer will make this a breeze.Every event comes with a quick preview without having to click. When you open the event, you can play all the video back, including beyond the event timeframe, including a fast forward up to 16x.
  2. Efficient Review of Repeated Events. Event Explorer has an all-new “View” concept, allowing users to save common searches or Views for efficient review. For example, if a store manager always wants to review yesterday’s store opening, they can setup a saved View of yesterday’s events at a particular store or camera. This makes interacting with a large amount of data efficient and convenient. 
  3. Take  Cloud AI to the Next Level. We’ve introduced operations with any Cloud AI search. For example you can now search when you see cars > 2 (more than 2 cars). Very handy if you have a workshop camera pointing at the parking lot with 2 company cars parked in that location. What is important to you is the third car that’s detected.

In the past you had to click through or hover each dark blue event marker on the timeline:

With the Event Explorer you get the immediate knowledge of important events as you can see the preview immediately:

At your fingertips you now have all the information you need. A simple click of the button will allow you to download any event including the Cloud AI events (available with the Cloud AI addon):

For more information on how the Event Explorer works, see our Knowledge Base article.

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