Bringing Cloud Video Surveillance to HOA Market

Allen Morgan and Shields Tackles Neighborhood and HOA Security with Camcloud

Allen, Morgan & Shields LLC (AM&S) is a business technology services company that was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.


AM&S began installing cloud surveillance systems for property managers in 2018 when they started working with the Monroe Group, one of the fastest-growing affordable housing property management companies in the US. With a portfolio of 80+ multi-unit properties, the Monroe Group was looking for a scalable and reliable solution that didn’t require them to install a full on-premise system in each of their office locations.

After some research, Faisal Farooqui, president of Allen, Morgan & Shields LLC, researched the market and selected Camcloud video surveillance platform due to its hardware-free approach and ease-of-use for Mr. Farooqui’s clients. 

I recommended Camcloud since all the other so-called cloud providers required on-premise hardware to function. For Monroe Group, it made no sense to replace a legacy CCTV system with an updated system that still requires on-premise equipment.  — Faisal Farooqui, President of Allen, Morgan & Shields LLC

AM&S initial success with Monroe Group opened the door for AM&S to offer cloud video surveillance to HOA communities to address neighborhood security needs. HOA projects include the installation of cameras and license plate readers at the front and exit gates, as well as cameras mounted on homes within the community and in communal areas such as swimming pools and management offices—a deployment made possible thanks to Camcloud’s cloud technology.

To overcome the fact that most communities do not have a central networking environment and server room to manage an on-premise system, AM&S believes that the Camcloud hardware-free cloud video surveillance is the best approach.

This is the key to Camcloud’s value proposition for HOAs. I can go into a whole subdivision and install cameras across the neighborhood, all on different network services but my customers all interact with one service, Camcloud.” says Farooqui.”The ability then to grant different access rights to the HOA board members or individual residents is very powerful.


Thanks to their long-standing partnership with Camcloud—and their entry into the HOA market—AM&S has been able to effectively unlock a reliable new revenue stream for their business.

If you are interested in building a profitable recurring revenue stream on your camera installations with cloud video surveillance for HOAs, all under your own brand, let’s have a conversation:

Brendan Harrison
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