Leveraging the latest Axis Video Motion Detection

Camcloud is now leveraging the latest motion detection application from Axis called Video Motion Detection 4 (VMD4). Any firmware 6.50 or greater can take advantage of the advanced capabilities from these Axis cameras. Details of VMD4 can be found on the Axis site.

Using VMD4 allows you to have the most accurate motion detection available and to eliminate false positives. Some of the features included are:

  • More advanced include or exclude motion areas
  • Additional filters
    • Short lived objects
    • Small objects
    • Swaying objects
  • Multiple profiles

This video explains in detail what you get with VMD4.

When using Camcloud with VMD4 there is no special configuration required. By default we’ll setup VMD4 using a full “Include area”.

Some tips to know before using VMD4:

  • You must access the camera UI to make VMD4 changes – you can access this remotely via the Admin Portal as long as you have a reseller account otherwise you’ll have to access the camera UI locally
  • Only use the “Cloud Window” profile – this is the profile created to work with Camcloud
  • If you change the “Include window” (as shown in the image above) this might get overwritten if you ever hit the “Reconfigure” button – avoid Reconfigure if you’ve played with the Include windows settings
  • Any other changes such as exclude windows or any of the filtering will remain in place even with a “Reconfigure”


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