Camcloud Adds Support for Hanwha Techwin Q Series

Wait, what? Didn’t Camcloud always support Wisenet Q-series? Technically yes however Hanwha Techwin has introduced a new low cost line that has the Hanwha Open Platform Application support. That means Camcloud can add full plug and play support for this new line of cameras.

Here’s what you need to know.

Old Q-series:

  • Typical model numbers would be in the 7000’s such as QND-7010R
  • Technically they have the old Hanwha Open Platform Application but we now recommend you only add these with port forwarding
  • Minimal features
    • No motion detection areas
    • No threshold
    • No analytics

New Q-series:

  • Typical model numbers would be in the 6000’s and 8000’s such as QNV-6082R or QND-8021
  • Completely plug and play with full Hanwha Open Platform Application support
  • Up to 4 motion detection areas including sensitivity and threshold settings per region
  • Basic analytics: Motion, Tampering and Defocus

To add any of these new cameras make sure to use your mobile app add all your cameras. Using the Direct to Cloud option, it will automatically install the Camcloud app and the correct firmware.

See the full list of supported Hanwha Techwin cameras here.

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