Introducing User Logging API

Today we’re introducing a brand new tool to help you identify how your customers are using the apps. If you are managing multiple accounts and want to monitor usage you can use this new user logging feature.

The user logging feature allows you to monitor every time a specific user (or their corresponding guest user) accesses either the web or mobile app. This feature is provided as an API that you can query in any interval you choose.

The output received is JSON format, allowing you to slice and dice things any way you want. Here at Camcloud we use a reporting tool called Klipfolio for all our dashboards.

Here is an example of some simple graphs:

  1. Shows usage of web versus mobile
  2. Shows the user access log which includes the time, user and a number of other useful items.

Currently this API can return:

  • Source – Either web or mobile app
  • Action – view (viewing the camera list), add (adding a camera), edit (editing a camera) or delete (deleted a camera)

Additional data includes the number of cameras or groups the user belongs to. Helpful if you need a reminder what access the guest user might have. With all this, you can slice and dice your reports in any way you choose.

Take note that this API requires the username as input. Meaning you can pull the results per user and all guest users in one individual report. However you can of course combine this with any reporting tool to cover all customers if that’s what you require.

This API feature is not available yet but will be offered as an add-on. Contact sales today if you are interested.

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