Continuous recording for any camera

There is no question using a plug and play camera has huge benefits. Extremely easy to setup, no port forwarding required and it has a secure connection using encrypted traffic. But what if you have an existing camera system?

Today Camcloud is releasing our support for “Generic H.264” continuous recording. Essentially that means you can take any H.264 compatible camera and get 24/7 recording. Add FTP connectivity and also get motion events. As long as the camera supports an RTSP stream you are set.

Select the Generic H.264 type:

If the camera model is not in the list just select “Generic” or anything, as you can edit this on the next step. Now you’ll be asked for the network information. First make sure your camera is port forwarded, specifically the RTSP port (default is 554). If your model wasn’t in the list then this is where it’s important to edit the “RTSP path”. This is path that the camera will use for the RTSP stream. Consult your camera’s documentation for the correct path. For example the documentation might say the path is: rtsp://username:password@

In this case the “RTSP path” is just: /channel1 (with the forward slash).

Once the network information is added, make sure to select the recording mode as “Continuous Recording”¬† and take note of the FTP information if you want to have motion markers on your continuous recording stream.

Note that the max bitrate allowed for any camera on our system is 1280Kbps. Anything more than that will stop the recording and fail to stream. A new “Camera Health Check” (CHC) alert will be shown when you exceed this bitrate.

That’s it, take advantage of your existing camera system and get full 24/7 recording right in the cloud!

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