Introducing new event notifications with images

Up to this point all email notifications were text based. Today we are releasing a new type of event.¬† Starting today we’ve made several enhancements:

  • HTML notifications – no more ugly text based alerts
  • The subject is now called an “Analytic Event”. We define an analytic as any type of event, this could be a motion event, tampering event, face detection event, etc. Depending on your camera the email notifications will let you know what analytic was triggered.
  • Custom branding – if you are reseller you automatically will have your branding in each and every alert
  • Images – an image snapshot will be provided for each camera alert

Some important notes with this new feature:

  • The majority of camera types are supported but it will depend on your model type. If you aren’t seeing images, let us know.
  • The current timestamp will not correlate to the on-screen display (OSD) of the camera. When we record the video (both in continuous and motion recording) there is a time identified when we receive the event. In actual fact the motion happened before we received the video, so the OSD will tell you the actual time of the event.
  • The image won’t always catch your motion event. We added some smarts that allows it to find the motion event but that can also vary per camera type and type of recording (continuous versus event triggered).
  • This is only available for paid plans.

Tell us what you think!

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