4 Benefits of Storing Your Video Surveillance Recordings on the Cloud

After one of our customers sent us a video of a garage fire incident, the event really showcased one of the benefits of storing your video recordings on the cloud storage. Not only was the footage recovered even though the camera burnt, but he was also able to figure out that the fire was indeed not caused by arson.

We decided to put together some of the advantages that really highlight the benefit of storing your video surveillance recordings. Here are four benefits of storing your video surveillance recordings on the cloud:

#4. Disaster Recovery
This is a time-lapsed video of a garage fire captured with a Foscam Surveillance camera. The footage was saved in the cloud with Camcloud.

The fire was quickly caught in the garage and within minutes the entire building was in flames.

What this footage doesn’t show is that the camera ended up getting burnt out completely. If the owner stored his camera recordings on the camera’s memory stick, it would’ve prevented the owner from knowing how the fire started. That’s one of the many benefits of storing your recordings off-site. If your cameras get damaged, your recordings will stay safe in the cloud. Read more about the Garage Fire incident here.

This video showcases why cloud storage for your IP cameras makes a difference. Aside from the convenience and simplicity of storing footage off-site, whenever an incident occurs — whether it’s a fire that will damage the camera and any local storage device, or a thief that may have vandalized any recording devices — you are safe in the knowledge that important footage is stored safely in another location.

If you’re looking for a surveillance camera cloud storage service, try out Camcloud’s free plan. We also have several paid plans that offer a large amount of cloud storage.

Jacob Lang, business development coordinator of Back Bay Networks, said one major benefit of using online storage services is that his company doesn’t have to worry about losing any data should a natural disaster hit their offices.
“Living in New England, we’re prone to heavy snow storms and weird weather patterns that may knock out our server,” Lang said. “With online storage we never have to worry about losing our important documents.”

#3. Cost

cloud storage cost
Online storage services reduce much of the cost associated with traditional storage, as well as the cost of backing up data. You get massive amounts of storage space, usually for a low-monthly fee.

Backing up your data isn’t cheap either, especially when you take into account the expenses and time spent on purchasing storage space and completing routine backup checks. With high hardware and maintenance costs, managing servers in-house can be costly.

Cloud storage reduces that cost, provides high amounts of storage space for low and flexible monthly plans. Furthermore, the lack of hardware means you don’t need to take into account storage space and costs when moving into a new house/office.

#2. Accessibility

Whether you’re storing your recordings on an external hard drive, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or desktop, ensuring that your recordings are up-to-date in all your devices can be very tedious and difficult.

Cloud storage services gives you the capability of accessing your account from anywhere with an internet connection, whether you’re on a mobile device or your work computer.

All you need to do is create one account, then use that same account to login in from any device. Even if you switch from your computer to your phone, your recordings are attached to your own account, ensuring your files are automatically updated across all of your devices. This way, the latest recording will always be accessible no matter where you are.

#1. Security

Storing recordings in the cloud is often more secure than storing it in-house, especially for businesses.

Even though cyber-criminals do exist and are a threat to everyone, Tripp Wiggins, co-founder of Cooking Planit, stated that he feels much more confident in the protection cloud storage services can provide.

“Though everyone is vulnerable, online storage companies like Dropbox have teams of people that are solely focused on data security,” Wiggins said.

If you’re looking for a surveillance camera cloud storage service, try out Camcloud’s free plan! We also have several paid plans that offer a large amount of cloud storage.

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