Network Testing Feature

New Network Testing Feature!

As we continue to make out setup process more user-friendly, we’ve made it easier to figure out what went wrong during the setup process with some new error messages regarding:

  • Port Forwarding
  • HTTP/RTSP ports
  • Protocol
  • Username/Password
  • MJPEG/RTSP path

This applies accordingly to “Auto Setup”, or if you do it manually with Auto-Setup turned off.

Read on for more details.

network setup testing connection

After clicking “Next” in the 2nd part of the camera wizard, you first have a “Testing Camera Connection…” message. The Camera Wizard will give you a particular error code depending on what failed during the test.


ip camera network setup

This shows the breakdown of what was successful and what wasn’t. Green text with “Passed” means the test passed. Red text with “Failed” means the test failed. After the Failed tests, other corresponding tests will show text in orange called “Not Tested”. If a failure happens, the “Next” button gets disabled.

Add Camera - Network Settings

At the network screen, a user is presented with an option to “Skip” the network test. This mode is called the “Cloud Storage Only” button. The “Skip” button is available for all models (except Amcrest, Hills, and webcams) and setup procedures (auto vs. manual vs. P2P). This is exactly the same as a user setting up a “Generic H.264/MJPEG” camera where they have to fill in the FTP information.

And as always, if you have an issues, contact us at

That’s it for the update, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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