Garage Fire Captured on Video with Camcloud

This is a time-lapsed video of a garage fire captured with a Foscam IP camera. The footage was saved in the cloud with Camcloud.

The fire was quickly caught in the garage and within minutes the entire building was in flames. The owner tried dousing the fire with a garden hose, but the heat was too much. The video ends once the property’s power went out. According to the owner, the fire fighters arrived just in time, otherwise the main house would have caught fire as well.

What this footage doesn’t show is that the camera ended up getting burnt out completely. If the owner stored his camera recordings on the camera’s memory stick, it would’ve prevented the owner from knowing how the fire started. That’s one of the many benefits of storing your recordings off-site. If your cameras get damaged, your recordings will stay safe in the cloud. 

All footage was captured with a Foscam IP camera and stored offsite with Camcloud. The video was produced and shared with permission from the owner.

This video is an example of why cloud storage for your IP cameras makes a difference. Aside from the convenience and simplicity of storing footage off-site, when an incident happens — whether it’s a fire that will damage the camera and any local storage device or a thief that will vandalize any recording devices — you are safe in the knowledge that important footage is stored safely in another location. So if you’re looking for a surveillance camera cloud storage service, try out Camcloud’s free plan. We also have several paid plans that offer a large amount of cloud storage.

Marwan Alshafei

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