Yet another reason why Android is so cool…

Yet another reason why Android is so cool. Nicole Cozma at CNET explains how to turn your Android device into a webcam. Here’s what you need:

  1. An Android device (perhaps that one was obvious).
  2. IP Webcam Android app.
  3. IP Camera Adapter software for Windows.

Read the whole thing, but the gist of it is you turn your Android device into a webcam server that gets its own IP address. From there you can connect your Windows machine to the device as a webcam via the IP Camera Adapter.

I’m actually not even sure what the practical use for this would be, unless you’re really just too cheap to buy a webcam, but it’s still cool.

And no, Camcloud won’t work with your “Android Webcam” (sorry!) but you can of course, connect to Camcloud via an Android device!

Brendan Harrison
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