Camcloud Mobile is Here!

As our users know, Camcloud is primarily been a PC/Mac based service. Sure you could load the site and use it on your tablet or smartphone, but it was never truly optimized for those platforms. Well, now it is.

Today we’re introducing Camcloud Mobile, our all new mobile capability that allows users to access Camcloud from their iPhone, iPad, or any of the many Android smartphones and tablets available today.

So what is Camcloud Mobile and what does it do? Once you have your Camcloud account, you can access your Camcloud instance from any mobile device. All the main Camcloud features are there, including:

  • Live View. This is probably the coolest feature. You can get a live video feed from any of your cameras. The live view is designed specifically for mobile use: it knows to send the right type of stream, depending on whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, all optimized for mobile bandwidth of course.
  • Watch Recordings.¬†When Camcloud records a motion event, you can watch the video from your mobile device. Your full list of videos is available for you to watch.
  • Receive and Manage Alerts.¬†Of course alerts will be sent to your mobile device via email, and you can enable or disable motion detection with our single-touch “Global Motion Detection” feature. This allows you “arm” or “disarm” the system from your mobile device.

So, if you’re an existing Camcloud user, just visit from your iPhone or Android smartphone, and you’ll see an all-new site presented to you. For iPad or Android tablet users, the desktop site will still load, but the Live View and Recording playback pages have been redesigned for tablet video players. Try it now!

Here are some more resources:
– Ask a question in our support forum.
– Read our Camcloud Mobile Quickstart Guide

So sign-up today and see how you can view your webcam from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device!

Brendan Harrison
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