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These are the Top 3 Video Surveillance Trends in 2016

With the Apple Homekit simplifying the smart home, and Amazon’s Alexa being integrated into smart appliances, the home automation industry isn’t the only place making fast progress in 2016.

As 4K becomes more affordable, a lot of changes will be heading towards the video surveillance industry, such as…

1. The 4K Way
Expect to see 4K IP cameras becoming the norm. We already talked about Sony’s 4k Surveillance camera and how that’s changing the industry, but as cameras get cheaper, more people will be willing to make the jump.

“The benefits of 4K technology will become more widely recognized across the industry, with reduced camera counts and better workflow offering savings on installation and running costs, as well as providing new solutions to the high-end market. HD is for everyone now, and 2016 will be the year many security buyers make the move and embrace video security the 4K way.”  – Roger Lawrence, Product Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe

2. The Bandwidth Battle
bandwidth security
With 4K IP cameras taking less bandwidth than IP cameras did a few years ago, more security buyers will realize what can be achieved with full HD solutions. This will cause a massive adoption rate of 4K cameras.

“Surveillance technology has come a long way in recent years, and with more products entering the market, it’s a great time to invest in an all-round solution.” – Roger Lawrence, Product Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe

3. Keeping it Streamlined

With video security becoming more streamlined than ever, expect to see an array of alarm systems becoming integrated into wider infrastructures. Security manufacturers will become more involved in the home automation space and offer unified solutions such as lightning and heating solutions.

This will result in a much more integrated environment, where people will be in control of both home automated conditions as well as security surveillance.

For a more detailed breakdown of each trend, check out 3 Video Surveillance Trends in 2016.

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