Skydrop Smart Sprinkler

Skydrop Wants to Cut Outdoor Water Usage by 50%

You probably don’t wake up every morning thinking, “How do I adjust my sprinkling system today?”.

Skydrop, an EPA WaterSense-certified controller, replaces your traditional controller to add advanced features such as automatic weather-based adjustments.

Once installed, Skydrop helps you figure out how much water your lawn needs, then makes adjustments based on  local weather data. Skydrop claims that most sprinkling systems can be converted to Skydrop in 10 minutes or less.

Some Highlights:

  • Control via built-in LCD screen or over Wi-Fi (smartphone/PC)
  • Ensures lawn always has optimum moisture level
  • Adjusts watering based on real-time weather data
  • Calculates moisture lost by lawn each day
  • Incorporates imposed water restrictions into watering schedules
  • Suitable for managing gardens, drip systems, etc

For more info, check out Homecontrolsblog

Update [Sept 21 2020]: Our friends at Happy DIY Home have published a comprehensive guide to select a sprinkler control system. Check it out.

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