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App Store Made 75% More Revenue than Google Play in 2015

It looks like the App Store made a lot more money than the Google Play store.

App Annie has released its numbers for 2015 and according to the report, the Google Play Store had 100% more downloads than the Apple App store.

Even though Google Play had more users overall, Apple iOS users spent more money on the App Store, making 75% more in revenue.

Some highlights from the report:
– Emerging markets showed impressive download and revenue growth, particularly in India, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and Vietnam as device penetration soared.
– In-app purchases (IAPs) as a share of app store revenue continued to grow in 2015 as subscription revenue made incredible gains, thanks to strong demand for video, music and dating apps.
– Mobile games continue to evolve; in 2015 revenue became less concentrated while average lifecycle shortened year over year — these two developments will have a significant impact on app publishers’ portfolio management strategy.
– Wearables and TV emerged as key platforms for apps, presenting new opportunities for publishers. This will be a space to watch in the coming years.

For full access of their report, head on to App Annie.

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