Product Release: All-New User Admin Role and Extended Timelapse

It’s been a busy summer. In addition to introducing License Plate Recognition support, we’ve been very busy on the platform side adding two major new features:

  1. User Admin Role Access
  2. Extended Timelapse

User Admin Role

We’ve introduced major enhancements to our role-based user access system. We’ve built on our existing “Viewer” user role and introduced a new “Admin” user role that has customizable permissions. Here’s a summary of the available roles and their permissions. Any permissions marked with a * can be enabled/disabled on a per-user basis.

Account Owner

  • This is the primary user for any Camcloud account
  • Create and manage the two user types
  • This user can perform any action, including deleting the account

Viewer User

  • View video and cameras
  • Camera access can be limited by Groups
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom *
  • Download Media *
  • Recordings *

Admin User (NEW)

  • Everything a Viewer can do plus…
  • Add and Edit cameras
  • Delete cameras *
  • Billing *

Both Viewer and Admin roles have customizable permissions so that you can, for example, enable a user to do everything except for destructive actions such as delete a camera or delete the account itself. This provides maximum flexibility to Account Owners and Reseller Admins to setup the user permissions they need.

Note: This is available on web only. Creating an Admin role will not work on mobile. That is coming soon! The other important caveat is that Admins cannot manage or create other users. We hope to have an update on this in the near future. Read our Support KB Article for more details.

Extended Timelapse

Up till now we’ve only allowed a 24 hr timelapse. Starting today you can now create a full timelapse for your entire retention time. This means you can create up to a 90 day timelapse!

Simply select a start date and end date accordingly. The options remain the same where you can create a timelapse that lasts 10 secs or all the way up to 5 mins long.

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