New Pricing Announcement

This is a message to all our customers who have subscribed to the Camcloud service.

First, thank-you for your business.

Second, we want to notify you that, effective immediately, we have introduced a brand new pricing structure. You can see the pricing here.

Here is a short FAQ to answer some common questions.

How is this new pricing better? 

This new pricing will provide more storage to our existing customers, along with a simplified way of understanding your storage limits. Moving forward, if you have 7 day storage, all your media will be kept for 7 days. Same for our 14 and 30 day plans. Free Subscribers will have 4 hour storage retention.

Do I have to pay more? 

No, there is no change to your current pricing. All existing customers can continue on their current pricing for as long as they wish while taking advantage of this new storage.

So there’s no impact at all for me? 

The only time existing customers will be impacted is if you make a change to your current plan. If you choose to do this, you will need to select an option from the new pricing.

All customers will be migrated to the new plans as follows:

  • Free Subscribers will have a 1 camera plan with 4 hour storage.
  • Basic Plan customers will have a 4 camera plan with 7 day storage.
  • Standard Plan customers will have a 10 camera plan with 7 day storage.
  • Premium Plan customers will have the same number of cameras they have today with the new 30 day storage.


What’s Next? 

Over the coming few days we will be migrating all our existing customers to the new storage model. You should see no impact to your service during this migration. During this transition, any media that currently exists in your account will be saved for another 60 days so you can download and archive important files. Free Subscribers will have the download feature enabled during this period.

Once again thanks for your business and, as always, please let us know if you have any questions at


The Camcloud Team

Brendan Harrison
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