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Camcloud Introduces a Huge Update for our Android and iOS Mobile Apps!

We’ve just released a major update to the Camcloud mobile apps. Best thing is to watch the demo below and if you need more info, read on for all the details.

Here’s a recap of the feature highlights.

Cameras Page

Access your cameras from our all-new Cameras homepage. You’ll see a summary of all your cameras recent activity in a new graphical format, along with a count of the number of recent events.

Mobile Timeline

Interact with your cloud storage with the beautiful new Timeline that’s been designed for mobile from the ground-up. Now you can use the touchscreen to move the timeline to any point in time, find you recorded media and play it back. All your video clips and images play back using a continuous playback, just like on the web. Toggle between recorded media and live video with a single touch.

camcloud timeline mobile

Add Cameras

Add any IP camera to your account from your mobile app, similar to the web-based Add Camera Wizard. Once the camera is added, you are jumped immediately to its timeline so you can watch live video edit settings or begin capturing media in the cloud.  The one exception are webcams — that camera type needs to be added and activated from the web only.

Change Account Settings and More

Alert emails, timezone, email preferences — it’s now all available from your mobile device. Now anything you can do on the web can be done on your mobile device!

Note: The Camcloud app is compatible with Android 4.1 and up, and iOS 8.0 and up.

Marwan Alshafei

I'm Camcloud's Digital Marketing Specialist and have a passion for technology and human engagement through social media. I started my career in the the non-profit sector with the goal of helping to empower young people. Now as part of the Camcloud team, I create a variety of digital content about industry trends and video surveillance. You can follow me on Twitter @MarwanAlShafei .

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