Major Update to Web Timeline

Today we’ve made some major enhancements to our Web Timeline that will improve your user experience. This includes several changes to the player controls and various filtering to help customers better navigate the functionality on the Timeline page. See all the details below!

  1. New filtering – You will find a new filtering menu at the left side of the timeline. The purpose is to provide all filtering to one side to keep it separate. You’ll notice that the analytic filtering is still at that top right but that will be removed soon for a brand new update that will contain more types of event filtering. Group filter is the usual label feature we’ve always had and the storage filter which used to be a tiny little button before is now more prominent on the screen. This allows you to switch between SD card and cloud storage for example.
  2. Time scale – We’ve change the position of the time scale so you can jump hour by hour (depending on the over all scale selected: 1h, 6h, 12h or 24h). Now it’s located right along the time scale.
  3. Date position – We wanted to make the start and end of the time scale more obvious. This makes more sense from a visual perspective as the time scale can span two different days. In addition to that the calendar has changed position to associate the date with the calendar.

Other important items to mention is a few changed naming conventions and camera option changes.

  • Event triggers menu option has changed to “Camera Events” – no change in functionality
  • Under record mode we use to call it “Event Triggers” but it’s now called Event Recording
  • There used to be multiple options to edit your camera’s Sensitivity settings, in both the edit menu and the Motion Detection Area button (graph icon in the player). We’ve now consolidated every settings related to Motion Detection in the Motion Detection Area edit UI.

Not only were these changes put in place to help with user experience but they were necessary to make way for a very BIG feature. Stay tuned we have lots to talk about!

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Alen Zukich
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  • Alex Armand
    Posted at 16:50h, 20 December Reply

    I need a space storage for a dvr 8 ch

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