How to Turn Your Webcam into a Video Monitoring System

Not only are webcams affordable, but for years they’ve been coming with every laptop sold. It’s time to put your webcam into good use and turn it into your very own video monitoring system! And all it takes is 2 minutes of setting up.

#1. Create a free account.
This should take you less than a minute. Go to Camcloud and sign-up for a free account.

#2. Add a Camera
Setup Webcam Video monitoring systemLogin and go on the “CAMERAS” page. Click on the green “Add Camera” button, then select “Webcam”. At this point, you can name your webcam whatever you’d like.

Click on Next and adjust your settings the way you’d like. I recommend having notifications and motion detection set to “ON” to test out its functionality.

#3. Start Monitoring

cloud security webcam
Click on the green “Finish & Start” button to start monitoring immediately! A window will popup, and as long as the window is open, the webcam will continue to send you notifications whenever motion is detected. This is especially useful if you’re about to leave your home for any reason.

#4. Familiarize yourself with the Timeline page

Before you move on to something else, we highly recommend that you get used to the idea of navigating through the Timeline. The blue bars represent motion events. Clicking on a motion event will allow you to see what happened at that time. Alternatively, if you would just like to take a look at what’s happening LIVE, go to the “LIVE VIEW” page.

Camcloud Timeline

#5. Download the Mobile app

If you’d like to be able to see what’s going on using your Android/iOS tablet or smart phone, lookup the “Camcloud” app. It’s free, and there are no ads or micro-transactions.

Try our cloud service for IP Cameras and Webcams! Sign up now and setup your camera in minutes!

Try out the free plan, and if you want to use an IP camera, check out our list of supported IP cameras. Not only do they work with Camcloud, they operate over WiFi so you don’t need to have them connected to your computer. We also have several paid plans for more cloud storage.

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