Cloud Video Surveillance: A Recipe for Success at Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s Subs prides itself on fresh, authentic sub sandwiches made just like they were nearly 60 years ago at the original Mike’s Subs in Point Pleasant, N.J. But with more than 1400 franchisee-owned locations across the U.S., how do multi-store owners stay hands-on and meet Mike’s standards when they can’t possibly be two places at once? The answer is with a cloud video surveillance solution.

“With 5 locations and more than 25 cameras keeping an eye on my businesses, Camcloud’s solution is a perfect fit,” says Turner Hill, Owner/Area Manager of multiple Jersey Mike’s locations in South Carolina. “It’s easy to setup, requires no specialized on-site hardware, and I’m able to use the cameras I want, including Axis and Hanwha Techwin.” 

Previously, Hill was using another system that wasn’t working for their business. They were not able to see the video footage clearly and servers were failing.  Hill reached out to an approved Camcloud reseller and quickly took their surveillance to the next level with video surveillance as a service (VSaaS).

“When you own multiple locations and travel as much as Turner does, a traditional in-house CCTV system is too outdated and disconnected from modern ways of doing business,” Andre Fontana, VP Sales, Camcloud, says. “And what good is the system if someone steals or destroys the DVR? By leveraging cloud video surveillance, we not only give the customer secure storage in the cloud, but the video is always available.” 

Each Jersey Mike’s location has up to 15 employees, with half usually comprised of part-time student staff. Hill is able to access Camcloud’s Multiview on-demand solution to simultaneously monitor multiple stores. With one interface, he can visually check on everything from staff efficiency at the sandwich station, to proper use of the slicer, to customer flow, to whether or not employees are following health guidelines. Managers are able to analyze and compare traffic at one store vs. another, provide tips on how to keep customers happy, allocate staff where best suited, and even identify the most productive workers. 

Jersey Mike’s has been using Camcloud’s VSaaS solution very successfully for over two years, at all 5 locations. They have foiled attempted robberies and stopped theft in action. They have improved overall customer service and protected their locations 24/7/365. With always-on, real-time access from virtually anywhere, Camcloud’s solution enables Turner Hill to rest easy, knowing his stores are in good hands.

Examples below of Camcloud’s Multiview, simultaneously monitoring multiple Jersey Mike’s locations.


Here are the details of this project:

Number of locations:   5
Type of cameras:   IP Cameras
Number of cameras:   25
Camera manufacturer:   Axis, Hanwha Techwin
Integration uses:   Plug and Play/No Onsite Hardware
Brendan Harrison
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