Introducing New 12 and 3 Month Pre-Pay Plans

Today we’re introducing all-new pre-pay options that allow our customers to save money on their Camcloud subscriptions. Here are the details.

  • 12 Month plan allows customers to save 25% on their subscription. This is an annual plan, so next year’s renewal will be for another 12 months.
  • 3 Month pre-pay option allows monthly plan customers to save 15%. At the end of the 3 month pre-pay period, you will be automatically switched to a regular monthly plan.
  • Pre-pay options are available for all 3 plans — Basic, Standard and Premium.
  • New and existing customers can take advantage of these savings. If you’re an existing customer, just upgrade as you normally would from your My Account page. On checkout you will see new pre-pay options.

Here’s a short FAQ to answer some questions you might have.

1. If I’m an existing customer, how do I take advantage of these savings?
If you want to upgrade your plan to a pre-pay option for a different plan¬†(e.g. Basic Plan to Standard Plan), simply follow the standard upgrade options from your My Account page. If you want to stay on the same plan but take advantage of pre-pay savings, then you need to cancel your plan (on the Billings Page) then upgrade from the My Account page – and don’t worry, your existing camera settings will be maintained through the cancel process, so no need to re-add your cameras.

2. Are there any restrictions on what plan and/or pre-pay options I can select?
No, there are no restrictions. If you’re unsure just contact

3. Will Camcloud calculate a pro-rated price depending on where I am in my billing cycle?
Pro-rated amounts are automatically calculated when moving from a plan with no pre-pay to another plan with no pre-pay. Similarly, if you upgrade from a 12 Month plan to another 12 Month plan, a pro-rated value will be calculated. For other upgrade scenarios, your new plan will simply over-ride your previous plan with no pro-rated amount.

4. Ok, sounds good. How do I take advantage of these options?
Existing customers, just Login and upgrade from your My Account page. New customers can checkout our plans and pricing page — pre-pay options will be presented at checkout.

If you’re unsure about how to take advantage of these options, just post a comment below or email — we’re here to help!


Brendan Harrison
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