How to Setup a D-Link DCS-2332L IP Camera with Camcloud

Not only is D-link one of the most popular IP Camera brands, but the DCS-2332L is a solid camera. We’ll show you how to setup the D-link DCS2332L with Camcloud to enable cloud storage and other features.

First you want to get your D-Link camera on the network. You”ll have to follow your camera’s documentation for this. If you have not setup the camera on your network with port forwarding, please read our Port Forwarding Guide for instructions on this before proceeding further.

Now let’s get your camera setup on Camcloud!

There are 3 general steps required to setup the DCS-2332L with Camcloud:
1. Camera Info. Select your camera type (in this case, Generic MJPEG).
2. Network. This is where you give Camcloud the camera’s login credentials, IP address and port. It requires port forwarding to work with IP cameras.
3. Settings. Some final camera settings, including obtaining FTP credentials from Camcloud that need to be entered into the camera’s FTP settings area.

dlink cam 1 1. Camera Info.

Login to Camcloud.com, go on the Camera’s page, then click on Add Camera. Once the camera wizard opens, select “Generic MJPEG”, then give it a name (e.g. “Front Door Camera”).

2. Network

dlink dcs 2332l

– The username and password are the camera’s login credentials.

– The external IP will already be filled in with your current IP but you should verify it is correct – an easy way to accomplish this is to Google “my IP”. A better option is to register with a dynamic DNS provider such as DynDNS and enter the domain name. Some details can be found here. (Tip: Many cameras already provide a free DDNS service with the purchase of your camera. Check first!)

– Port is the HTTP port you assigned to this camera.

– Finally, select “D-link” as your camera mode. This will automatically fill up the MJPEG path.

dlink dcs 2332l network setup

Save the FTP server name, username, and password, you’ll need it for the next step!

Once you complete this form select “Next”. Camcloud will run a network test to ensure we can connect to your camera before proceeding to Step 3. If it goes through it means you were successful at pinging the camera which means our Network Setup is complete.

Now you’re ready to use the Live View feature. 

3. Settings.

Once your camera is setup on your network there are a few remaining settings required in order to add cloud storage of your motion events.

First, configure your camera to send motion events. This typically involves three steps: the server, the media, and the event.

Under server, click on add, check the FTP, and put in the address, username, and password, then click on save settings.

Now for media, click on Add. Put a checkmark on Video Clip and you can customize the settings here, then save the settings.

And finally for Event, Make sure you have a checkmark on Enable this event, Video motion detection, and for Action highlight Camcloud.

dlink 2332l
Login to your D-Link camera and go to the Video Clip tab. Remember the credentials you have for your FTP camera, enter them here. Make sure to set “Trigger by” to “Motion”. Note: Oddly some D-Link models don’t have a “Test” button for the FTP which is quite annoying. So the only way to know if the FTP credentials is working is to check the system logs (found under the Status -> Log tab). But if you do have a “Test” button make sure things are working now.

Now let’s setup up motion detection. Going to the Motion Detection tab you need select “Enable Video Motion” and then drag your mouse over the camera window. Motion will be detected within the area that you select, and will be ignored outside it. I normally select the entire window. Save Settings.

dlink dcs 2332l motion detection

That’s it. If you follow these steps you will have your D-Link DCS-2332L setup with motion detection recordings.

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