FAQ Series: Using Camcloud with Multiple Webcams

Ok, here’s a good question that we don’t get that often, but a great little Camcloud tip to share.

Dear Camcloud, can I setup video monitoring with your service using multiple webcams on the same PC? I want to be able to point cameras in several directions and run them all off one machine.


The answer is yes, you can do that! Here’s how.

First, go to your Cameras page and launch the monitor app by clicking ‘Start’.


A window should open like the one below – this is the monitor app and you need to leave it open when you want to monitor with a webcam.



Ok… what about the multiple camera thing? Simple, press the gear button in the top-right hand corner. The settings windows will open within the monitor app. Go to the Cameras drop-down, and if you have multiple cameras available on that PC they will show-up in the drop-down as shown below.



Repeat this entire set of instructions for every camera you want to use, and assign them each their own monitor app.

Thanks for the questions. Remember, also visit hte Camcloud Support Forum for more Q&A.

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