Camcloud has just released a major update to our platform! The Timeline page has been updated with a completely new interface and has integrated both the Live View and Cameras pages into a single Timeline page. The Timeline page will be where users can configure and customize any required camera functionality within the Camcloud service.

Watch the demo below and if you need more info, read on for details:

Here’s a recap of the feature highlights:
– Add, Edit and Manage your cameras, watch Live Video and review recorded events saved in the cloud.
– All Live View, Pan/Tilt, and Motion Detection Area functions have been incorporated into the new Timeline page.
– Both “Add Camera” and “Edit Camera” functions have been moved to the new Timeline page.
– The Global Motion Detection switch has been moved to the “MY ACCOUNT” menu, similar to Camcloud’s mobile app available on both Android and iOS.

For more details, take a look at our Timeline FAQ here.

If you’re having any issues, contact us at