Camcloud Introduces Mobile App Notifications for iOS and Android!

Today Camcloud is pleased to introduce mobile app notifications for iOS and Android! Now, in addition to receiving email alerts when there is motion detected by your camera, customers can have motion detection alerts sent right to their iPhone, iPad or Android device!

Here’s a quick explanation on how to configure Camcloud’s motion detection notifications so they work for you.

Notifications, Emails or Both?

With the introduction of mobile app notifications, our customers now have two ways to receive motion detection alerts: native mobile app notifications and via email.

To enable both types of notification for a particular camera, go to the Cameras page, edit the camera in your list (pencil icon) and ensure Notifications are set to “On”.


To disable email notifications go to My Account -> Settings and remove your email address from the Motion Detection Notification area.

To disable mobile app notifications, go to either the Notification Center on iOS or the App Settings area on Android. Select the Camcloud app and configure notifications the way you want them to appear on your device.

What about Global Motion Detection?

Regardless of how you configure notifications for an individual camera and on your device, you still have a Global Motion Detection switch for the entire account.


The Global Motion Detection buttons acts as an “Arm/Disarm” switch that disables all notifications regardless of any individual settings. This switch is a great way to enable or disable motion detection when you coming or going from your premises, as an example.

So that’s how motion detection notifications work, let us know any feedback and Happy Camclouding!

Brendan Harrison
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