The Benefits of Local, Redundant Edge Storage with Cloud Video Surveillance

When it comes to cloud video surveillance, we often have customers ask—“If all my video is stored off-site and video is uploaded via the internet—what happens to the recordings if the internet goes down and camera loses connection?”

Video Surveillance with Edge Storage

This is a great (and fair) question — obviously with no internet, there’s no cloud storage. To address this, customers can setup a local, redundant edge storage option. Edge storage is a term to describe a storage drive that’s local to the camera/device, e.g. SD card or a Network Attached Storage (NAS).  

Edge storage makes it possible to design flexible and reliable recording solutions, optimize bandwidth usage, and lower the cost and effort for remote site recording. In the case of network failure—such as the WiFi or entire internet access — going down in a retail or restaurant location, edge storage offers failover recording so that valuable surveillance footage won’t be lost.

With Camcloud’s platform,  customers can configure their preferred edge storage option for each cloud camera (typically SD card or NAS) right from the Camcloud platform and apps. For most of the Premium cameras supported by Camcloud, the local footage can also be retrieved and played back right from the cloud platform. This offers ultimate flexibility in the case of lost network connectivity.

When the network connection is restored and the system returns to normal operation, edge storage ensures that local video record seamlessly. This ensures that clients have uninterrupted video recordings and have consistent system reliability.

In addition, with our advanced Camera Health Check capability, customers will be notified if their camera loses network connectivity so that quick action can be taken. All in all, the combination of redundant edge storage and regular, cloud-based camera health checks provides a complete solution to ensure customers can get all the benefits of cloud surveillance, while ensuring footage is never lost.

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