Chelsea Smokehouse

Camcloud Case Study: Chelsea Smokehouse Restaurant

When I learned that a Camcloud customer was using our cloud video monitoring  service at his restaurant in nearby Chelsea, Quebec, I knew we had to go for a visit. We were not disappointed. Chelsea’s Smokehouse  is nestled in the beautiful Gatineau Hills and serves great fish and chips, with a fantastic selection of Quebec microbrews. It’s a small, intimate restaurant that can get very busy.

“We get customers from all over the National Capital Region,” said owner James Hargreaves. “During our busy times, we’ll have line-ups out the door so I like having the ability to see how busy the restaurant is at anytime.”

James, a former arctic tour guide operator, mountain climber, and all-around interesting guy, runs multiple small businesses in Western Quebec. The former GoToCamera user was looking for a new video monitoring solution and after a few quick web searches came across Camcloud. He was up and running with the service quickly and has been happy with Camcloud’s performance.

“I was very impressed with the ease-of-use, setup and overall reliability of the service. I never have to restart the app, it just works. When I show people Camcloud on my iPhone, and how easily I can see what’s going on at the restaurant, they can’t believe it!”

James is currently using a webcam connected to his restaurant PC, and can access his webcam from his home PC or his iPhone. He also plans to add an additional webcam and IP camera shortly. “I was very pleased to see Camcloud’s plans to add support for more IP cameras.”

In short, Camcloud’s video monitoring service is the right combination of features, reliability and price that is perfect for James and other small business owners. “Camcloud is just a very economical way to keep an eye on my business. I’d recommend it to any restaurant owner.”

Brendan Harrison
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