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Camcloud was launched in January 2013 with a simple goal: bring cost-effective video monitoring to homes and small businesses. We see the current array of video monitoring options from traditional alarm companies and other big organizations as expensive, complicated and overkill. We try to keep it simple.

We’ve built a reliable cloud infrastructure, easy-to-use mobile apps and integrations with a large number of cameras to give our customers choice and flexibility. Plus our pricing is simple and straightforward. We hope you like what we’ve created.


We didn’t build Camcloud in our university dorm room, our ex-partners aren’t suing us, and there won’t be a movie about our story. No, we’re just three guys who’ve been in technology our whole careers, have what we believe is a great idea and decided to go for it. Brendan, Alen and Dan launched Camcloud in January 2013 and since then we’ve been working our tails off and enjoying every minute of it. We take what we do seriously and want to hear your feedback — good, bad or ugly. Drop us a line at  support@camcloud.com anytime or connect with us on Twitter:
Brendan HarrisonAlen ZukichDan Burkett

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