4 Affordable Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security at Night

Regardless of whether or not you live in a bad neighborhood, having a secure and safe home is a very common concern. Not everyone can afford an expensive home security system, but there are some simple affordable ways to make sure your home is as secure as it can be.

I think we can all agree that keeping your doors locked and calling 911 when you hear anything suspicious at night are safety measures that everyone will take. What about some other things that you can do to ensure you’re maximizing your home’s security without spending an absurd amount of money every month?

Here are 4 affordable ways to improve your home’s security at night:

#4. Make Sure People Outside Your Home Can’t See Through your Windows

Take a walk past your home and look through your windows. If you notice your glorious 60” Curved 4K HDTV that you got on Black Friday sticking out with its 4,000 pixel resolution, consider getting drapes or blinds to block, or at least distort the view into your home. The next time you have a big family outing, you don’t want someone to take this as an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and try to figure out if there are any other valuable items in your home.

On a side note, a while back I did have a neighbor with a see-through basement window that showed off his HD projector. Now this area wasn’t exactly a bad neighborhood, but I would give it an “okay” on a safety scale. Within a matter of months of getting his projector, someone broke in and stole it. My neighbor tinted and barred up his basement windows immediately after that event. Point is, you don’t want to wait for something like that to happen before taking some extra security measures.

#3. Get a Cloud Video Surveillance Service

We’ve covered DIY video surveillance in the past.

Do you have a webcam laying around somewhere (your laptop’s webcam works too)? It’s time to put it into use. With advancements in cloud technology, that’s all you need to setup a cloud video surveillance service. You don’t have to spend anything, or get any extra hardware either since Camcloud has a free plan for users with only one camera. If you do want to consider looking into getting a wifi camera, you should also…

#2. Get a Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision


And no, these don’t cost much. Right now you can get a D-Link surveillance camera for only 50$ that records in both videos and images, and has motion detection and night vision.

Once you pick the right spot for your camera, every time the camera detects any motion, Camcloud will automatically send you an email with a link to the clip that was recorded during that event.

#1. Have a Neighbor and/or friend on Speed Dial

Neighbors Home Security
And I’m not talking about just having their contact information. I legitimately mean SPEED DIAL. You never know when something will come up. This wouldn’t only help in break-ins, but also for medical emergencies. In the moment of panic, you wouldn’t want to be scrolling and fidgeting on your smartphone, actually having them on speed dial can get you to reach them as fast as possible.

If you’re looking for a surveillance camera cloud storage service, try out Camcloud’s free plan. We also have several paid plans that offer a large amount of cloud storage.

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